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non rofus casinosDid you sign up for ROFUS but regret it? Many Danish players without gambling addiction register themselves with ROFUS and then they realize they didn’t need it in the first place. If you are one of them and look for a way out, it’s easy to find a casino non-ROFUS in foreign sites. Also, if you reside in Denmark, but haven’t obtained a NemID yet, casinos without a Danish license can prove the most suitable solution for you. Apart from avoiding the ROFUS scheme, you will enjoy playing with fewer restrictions, more gaming variety in providers, and bigger/better bonuses.

Trusted non-ROFUS online casinos for Danes

The reality is that you will find hundreds of non-ROFUS online casinos out there. In the casino market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with choices and hard to distinguish which places are worth it if you aren’t an experienced player. In the table list that comes next, we present the solution to this ‘equation’. Here follows a number of casinos that you can trust, evaluated by our experts and approved with the seal of

What is the role of ROFUS?

So what does ROFUS stand for? The notorious ROFUS is the Danish Gambling Authority’s (Spillemyndigheden) self-exclusion scheme for players who feel they have an addiction problem. If you wish to stop gambling temporarily or permanently in Spillemyndigheden online casinos, you can register yourself voluntarily with ROFUS using your NemID. Some notes that you need to take before doing so:

  • If you register with ROFUS, you cannot regret or recall your decision. It is final and will stand until the cooling-off period finishes.
  • ROFUS covers all online gambling activities played with real money, among them all Danish land-based casinos
  • By registering, you consent to allow online casinos access to your data and block you if you try to reengage in online gambling before the self-exclusion period ends.
  • Signing up for ROFUS is a personal process that only you can register yourself.

How does a casino without NemID work?

non nemid casinosSince 2012, players have been registering at Danish casinos with the use of their NemID (literally EasyID). It is a standard log on solution in Denmark, a digital signature that grants you access to public websites, online banking and many other digital services, among them online casinos. By joining a local casino using NemID, you basically say to the Danish authorities that you are a gambler. There is no way to bypass NemID in licensed casinos in Denmark; however, you can do without it in foreign online casinos.

Playing in a casino without NemID is neither illegal nor criminal activity. The differences have to do mainly with the registration, verification and deposit processes which take longer as you will have to enter your personal details and use your email address. Still, it’s a minor inconvenience compared to having to ‘declare publicly’ your gambling activities.

Why join non-ROFUS registered casinos?

Which are the positive elements of a non-ROFUS casino and why should you be tempted to join one?

Not Restricted by Danish Gambling Authority guidelines

Possibly the number one reason why players feel the need to gamble offshore. In foreign casinos, Danish players don’t have to set limits, play with reality checks or self-exclude.

Avoid Self-Exclusion

There is no turning back if you have crossed the Rubicon of self-exclusion in Denmark. Your decision is final and comes with the obligatory sitting out of online gambling. Most international casinos don’t introduce such schemes, or even if they do, you won’t be expelled from every gambling site in the region as it happens back in your homeland.

Accepts Foreign Players

Unlike Danish casinos, which require NemID registration, essentially restricting players from abroad, international casinos accept players from all over the world. Even if you don’t have a NemID at all, this is no problem at non-ROFUS casinos.

Better Bonuses

Licensed brands need to pay a 20% GGR tax to the Danish government annually. ‘What does this have to do with me,’ you may wonder. Well, it does because it influences the bonus budget of the casinos, which is an easy solution for casinos when it comes to cutting costs. On the contrary, foreign sites don’t have to give away this amount of money and, therefore, are more flexible in offering bonuses.

Allows Cryptogambling

Danish casinos won’t accept Bitcoin payments or, as a matter of fact, any cryptocurrency. Effectively, this means that you cannot gamble anonymously or significantly speed up your transactions (due to the peer-to-peer nature of crypto transfers). On the flip side, non-ROFUS casinos allow direct transactions or work with crypto wallets like CoinsPaid to facilitate players.

Play with a larger game selection

A provider is included in casinos with a Spillemyndigheden license only if they are authorized to offer their services in the Danish region. As a result, many renowned providers and their titles aren’t available to Danes. In opposition, non-ROFUS casinos don’t apply these types of limitations.

Which are the disadvantages of casinos without ROFUS?

Is playing in non-ROFUS online casinos a walk in the park? We wish it was, but unfortunately, there are some disadvantages that you need to take into account:

Longer registration procedure due to non-NemID policy

This is pretty obvious from the beginning: Without NemID, you will put up with a lengthy registration process, needing to provide your email, username and the rest of your personal information. Verification will also be requested, and your transactions will always need confirmation.

Questionable or Not Licensed Sites

Not all casinos want to be your friend and offer quality services. Some of them would only try to deceive you and rip you off. That’s why you have to be very careful with selecting international casinos without a Danish license.

No Mobilepay or Dankort deposits

Another bum for you is that popular Danish payments like Mobilepay or Dankort aren’t available in foreign casinos because they require the use of NemID. On the other hand, these payments come with a specific daily/monthly allowance (e.g. 15,000 DKK per day if you link your NemID number), so you can turn to alternatives like ewallets or cryptos.

Resolution policy

This is another reliability issue that we need to address. In Danish online casinos, you know that you are protected in case of mistreatment by the local regulator. However, in Curacao or Independent casinos that accept Danes, you are practically alone.

Not always supporting the Danish language or DKK

If localization is a key element for you, you may not find what you want in international casinos. The Danish regulator is particularly harsh on unlicensed casinos that target Danes and blacklists them. That’s why you will stumble less often than not on a non ROFUS casino supporting the Danish language or offering the local currency (DKK).

Is it legal for online casino Danish players to gamble outside Denmark?

danmark casinosAccording to Danish gaming law, online casino Danish players who gamble for real money must verify their account with NemID within 30 days after starting playing at a Danish licensed casino. In this way, they can avoid their account being closed and winnings confiscated. However, players won’t face any consequences if they try out foreign casino sites that don’t require a NemID. If anyone is to take the blame, that would be the casino, which will be blacklisted or/and fined.


Just take a look at the footer of the site. If you cannot locate the logos of Spillemyndigheden and ROFUS, then you have found yourself in a non-Danish casino that accepts Danes.

If you get suspended for quite a few months, you can try your luck on international casinos. Even if you are registered with ROFUS, you won’t have a problem starting an account on foreign sites.

It seems so. More and more players are using the ROFUS scheme each year, so it goes along that more players will be looking for non-Danish casinos. Even if some sites get blocked by the local regulator, you could still override the block by using a VPN service.

If you play within Denmark, any winnings you might generate are tax-free as the casino automatically calculates the taxation. If you win at remote casinos, though, your winnings are regarded as income earned abroad and you will need to report them to SKAT.

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