Best Online Casinos for Scratch Cards

Scratch cards, otherwise known as scratchies, are the perfect game if you want a change of pace from all the casino heavy-lifting duty such as slots, roulette or blackjack. Check the best casinos for online scratch cards in the list below and scratch your way into retirement!

Online scratch cards: How to find the best casinos to play

famous-casino-icon-transMany people who are normally new to the online casino platform often ask us, what are scratch cards? To answer that question, we would like you to visualize going back in time, in the days when you went to your local bookie and whilst choosing on which horse or football game to match, you picked up a scratch card from the table. You would take a 10-cent-coin from your jeans pocket and start scratching. All in the hopes of landing 3 matching items or symbols and securing a win. Super popular in the UK, scratch cards have lately migrated and made their way to the online casino game world and you can now enjoy them at many locals around the Internet.

Also popular in Australia, USA and still played heavily in the UK, the myth of scratch cards continues. Players start off playing for free and take it up a notch playing for real money. Have a look at some of our favorite casinos and their top scratch cards. How about a Monster themed scratch card on Royal Panda? Or indulging in Winner’s Scratch on the welcoming Leo Vegas Casino?

Exciting, rewarding and also giving your adrenalin a kick, we strongly suggest you start playing some scratch cards pronto. Below we bring you some of the perks of scratchies and why you too should join the scratching bandwagon!

Scratch cards odds & payouts – Focus on the RTP

examine-icon-transEver wondered which scratch cards pay out the most? Or which scratch cards have the best odds of you landing matches and scooping a big win? Best thing to do is to read the comments of other players and also the info on the particular game you are considering. The average RTP that a card offers is normally around 95%. With that kind of RTP you are very much likely to scoop a win, with the ultimate potential of transforming your mundane life into that of a millionaire!

When it comes to odds, forget all the mathematics and the formulas, as beating gambling odds is somehow difficult, unless you are Kevin Spacey playing blackjack in the movie 21. Your scratch off tickets odds are about 1 in 2.5 meaning you would need to buy around 3 cards to secure a win.

Online scratch cards variations

tick-iconWhen scratch cards changed to online casinos, they started off with the traditional bells, cherries and 7s, however nowadays this has changed! Just like slot machines have reformed. Do you feel like playing an animal-themed scratch today or do you want a Norse themed scratch? Online casinos have it all. Also, the scratching part comes to play. You can use your mouse to physically scratch the card and hear the sound, alternatively you can simply tap on the scratch panel to uncover your symbols. Depends on your mood, your choices and ultimately the amount of money you will be investing in your card. Some cards you can purchase at a small price and expect smaller payouts or you can tempt your luck at more costly cards that have the power of helping you quit your 9-5 job!

Scratch cards no deposit bonus

bonus-icon-transparentHow about some free scratch cards with no need for a deposit at your favorite casino? Or maybe a £5 no deposit bonus to use on your first scratch card? Indeed, all players love freebies, and hence we suggest you start off with using you free sign up bonus on scratch cards. And here is why … they are fun, they offer instant wins, and they are simple to master. If you have the itch to scratch, buy yourself a batch and enjoy your winnings!

Mobile scratch cards

mobile-slot-icon-transEveryone is on the go nowadays! We all are on a relentless loop from home to the gym to work to home and back to the gym. So why not indulge into some scratch card action while commuting from one place to another? Super popular across the world, scratch cards have indeed made their way to your mobile phone. In fact, we cannot get enough of all the apps available at our fingertips. If you are looking for a prime scratch card on your mobile you can also simply log in to your favorite casino and join the fun. Playable on mobile, Android or even tablet with the winner section displayed on the left-hand side of your screen, you could be the next lucky winner scooping that 5k win. Your much-loved mobile scratch cards could indeed be funding your next holiday! Getting wealthy on the go is the new norm!


exclusive-code-icon-transIf we had to point out one of the best things about scratch cards, it would definitely be the cash multiplier. How about not just landing a prize, but also multiplying the amount your prize will be? If you are looking for a bonus to go with your win, these are the cards you should be looking for!

How to play scratch cards

attention-icon-transWant to become a scratch card mastermind? Although there really is not a whole lot of strategy in playing the game, there are certain tips to apply to help you land that big win. Keep reading!

1. Pick the right scratch card for you

Know that like any other game, the more you invest, the better the return will be in the end. However, always keep in mind your cash flow and prices for an online card will vary. Start playing Scratch for free and once you are used to the game, you can tempt your like at the real money card in moderation. Now after making your choice, let’s talk about how you play the actual scratch off cards.

2. Scratching one by one or all at once

Some casinos offer different types of scratching, either scratching using your cursor or clicking a button that scratches all at once. Either way, you will most likely walk away with a win. If it’s small or big, only faith will decide, however we strongly suggest you indulge in the fun!

hong kongBest scratch cards casinos by software
Casino Bonus Software Rating

Best Playtech scratch cards

playtech-roundPlaytech scratch card games are some of the most amazing out there, so let us share with you some info about our favorite ones. First one is Thor. You can buy a scratch off ticket for a small amount of €0.20 or the highest card bought at €100.00. All the symbols on your card will be Thor related icons and matching 3 will grant you a win. Your ultimate goal? To land 3 Thor and his hammer icons and walk away with the €100,000 jackpot prize that the game boasts. Just make sure you are playing at the highest wager.

Our second favorite would definitely have to be Iron Man 2. If you’re a fan of the Iron Man theme, the scratch is playable at a small €0.50 and a maximum purchase of €.10.00. Scratch to find the 3 matching Iron Man symbols and start enjoying your wins! Hit the reset button to play again and win some more! We love the Rocky scratch card! One of the best scratch cards out there, Rocky pays homage to Rocky Balboa and the movie that made Sylvester Stallone a household name. Playable at a generous €0.01 or a maximum of €100.00, you could walk away the lucky winner of 1,000,000 coins that the scratch offers to the selected few!

Last, A Night Out scratch card is definitely one to keep an eye out for as well! If you love color and vibrance, then this is the game for you! You can start scratching for a small €0.01 or go all in with a € 100.00 wager. Just keep in mind that playing at max wager could award you the top prize of €500,000 which will indeed make your night out a memorable one!

Best NetEnt scratch cards

netent-icon-transJust like any other game that the company produces, NetEnt scratch cards are very enchanting and we just love indulging in. Let’s have a look at what our suggestions for the well-known provider are. Lucky Double is a simple and traditional, you can purchase a scratch off ticket at 2.00€ and walk away with the top prize of 100.00€. The Lost Pyramid has a Maya theme and a 92% payout, the pyramid of your dreams could see you scoop up to 100,000 coins!

Max Win is another great NetEnt scratch card. Will the luck star bring you luck?  Scratch away to reveal 3 matching symbols and make you win a max win indeed! Shoot 4 Gold has a different flavor to it. Although we are against hunting, we encourage you to shoot the ducks in this fun-fair like scratch and find the true gold that the game awards! We love the Marbles title as well. Scratch those marbles and unlock 3 of the same symbols to walk away the winner of some hefty prizes! On Treasure Hunt you can conquer the 28 regions and unlock treasure chests or skulls. Enjoying one of the biggest RTPs of 93.3%, this is the Brad Pitt of Scratch cards from our beloved NetEnt!

Triple Win Jackpot is all about huge wins. How about a jackpot? Or how about three? Dig through the gold bars to find yours and walk away a winner! Will your zodiac sign be the lucky one to help you win big? Scratch a Zodiac card to find out on Zodiac. Tribble Knockout is all about fighters. Get your boxing gloves on peeps as Tribble knockout is going to K.O you with its prizes! Bubbles puts up colorful bubbles in the sky with the potential of turning your life around.  Scratch away to unlock same colors and walk away a winner!

For lovers of gold there’s 7 Gold Scratch. Are you the one to land the lucky gold 7s?  We hope so as you could walk away with a chopping €100,000 prize! Hall of Fame is another good one from NetEnt. Help the guard scratch 3 matching symbols to scoop some interesting characters and rewards! Fortuna meaning luck in Italian is all about bringing you ladybirds and ample luck.  Scratch away to unlock some great wins! Sleek and posh looking, scratch the 9 boxes to reveal your prize with the added benefit of a cool multiplier on the Ace scratch card

Best Microgaming scratch cards

microgaming-roundWhen it comes to variety, Microgaming scratch cards are plain awesome. Here are our go-to ones. 1) Hand to Hand Combat – Check out the hand signs and see if you can match 3 to walk away a winner. 2) Space Evader Gold – Take a journey up to space and find matching space elements to unlock prizes! 3) Six Shooter Looter Gold – Ready to loot some gold? Scratch the correct symbols to walk away a winner! 4) Crypt Crusade Gold – Embark on a crusade to find some of the best gold at sea! 5) Plunder the Sea – Find Treasure Chest to unleash some of the best prizes Plunder the sea has to offer. 6) Lucky Numbers – Will your lucky numbers help you walk away with a hefty win? Scratch and find out. 7) Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey – Based on the 1991 blockbuster, scratching the ticket will allow you to unleash the prizes that Bill and Ted have on offer. 8) Offside and Seek – Get your football gear out, as we are off to play and scoop prizes along the way! 9) Bunny Boiler Gold – Boil the bunny and scratch some of the best top prizes that Bunny Boiler Gold has to offer!

Online Scratch cards FAQ

FAQ-icon-transWith such huge popularity for all ages and tastes, it’s no wonder that scratch cards fans have great interest in discovering all aspects of the game. Here are the most common questions we get:

1. Where do you find Internet Scratch cards?

Some of your best and favourite casinos would have scratch cards on their platform. Check the game list, or alternatively use the online chat to speak to a customer support agent to guide you in finding the right game. Otherwise, you can simply use the search button in the game section. Enjoy scratching!

2. How does one collect the winnings from scratch cards online?

You can either use the e-wallets that are available at the casino, or alternatively, you re-use the same money won to play more scratch cards.  Simple, convenient and fun! Forget going to your local bookie, everything is online!

3. Are online scratch cards fixed?

Many players ask this question and the answer is no. Just like most other casino games, scratch cards utilise a random number generator system and hence they cannot be fixed.  You need some luck and fairy dust and winnings will indeed come your way!

4. How old do you have to be to play scratch cards?

Each country and jurisdiction will have its own rules about gambling. If we have a look at the UK, you need to be 16 to start scratching. Australia will only allow players over 18 to partake in online gambling. The situation in USA is a little bit more complicated as different gambling laws apply to each state. For some casinos the legal minimum age to gamble is 18, others 21 or some have banned gambling altogether. Always make sure to check your respective country’s or region’s gambling rules beforehand.

And finally, if instant gratification is what you are after, forget sitting at poker tables, forget waiting for the next card to be drawn, or for lading that free spins bonus round. Scratch cards is what you need. Coming in all shapes and forms including pop cultured related cards, we have found a new love…scratch off tickets. Join us in showing and sharing the love of this great yet simplistic game. You will surely love the thrills and fun it offers!

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